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Enamored with Berkeley Bowl + Cultivated by the Bay

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Berkeley Bowl Pasta!

Like many I feel it is important to practice sustainability as much as possible. I know I’m not perfect. I sometimes make mistakes like forgetting to bring my reusable coffee cup with me to the coffee shop so I don’t need a disposable one. Or throwing away a plastic bottle when I’m in a place where recycling bins aren’t present. And, yes, I feel guilty about such acts and I try not to repeat them.

This past weekend I visited San Francisco and the Bay area for the first time and I am definitely a convert to acting even more sustainably responsible. Instead of staying in a downtown hotel, I stayed with a good friend who lives in a communal household in Oakland, very near the border of Berkeley. Although there was only one shower for the nine (!) housemates plus their various guests, I found the reliance on the garden for edible pleasure (they have a pomegranate tree!), the grey water system, the constant categorizing of compost, recyclables, and other trash, and the shared food systems awakened an even greater awareness in me.

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Written by Sarah Froelich

October 7, 2009 at 12:17 am