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The Silver Palate Thick + Rough Oatmeal

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Rough & Ready found @ Foodtown in Sunnyside, Queens

Thick & Rough Oatmeal found @ Foodtown in Sunnyside, Queens

At first glance, the burgundy-red box of The Silver Palate Oatmeal doesn’t seem very compelling. The front of the box includes the logo, the name of the product, a brief description, and a photo of The Silver Palate shop window, wrinkled awning included. All of this seems cluttered and unpolished, as if it has been on the grocery store shelf a little too long. The Silver Palate’s logo appears to be the only well-designed aspect of the composition, and it seems someone who was simply fond of the product, not specifically a designer, could have applied the rest of the images and text around the sides and back of the box.

Stop for a moment and consider that these qualities say something different than expected; these are marks of an honest product. This product must be so delicious and healthy that the company doesn’t need flashy fonts and graphics to sell it. The Silver Palate name is enough to speak to consumers who just want a good oatmeal, not the kind that comes in individual packet servings. This oatmeal seems untouched by the same level of industry as Quaker Oats or even Nature’s Path; it feels local and even traditional. Perhaps the likes of John Ruskin would eat this oatmeal (although he might gravitate toward McCann’s Irish Oatmeal first).

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Written by Sarah Froelich

October 14, 2009 at 12:51 pm