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Scream For This

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Who wants ice cream?  I do for sure.  In fact, it is my weakness.  The best ice cream in the USA is made in Cincinnati: Graeter’s Ice Cream; even Oprah endorses it.  Recently bestgroceries’ significant other brought 12 pints of Graeter’s to the freezer of our NYC apartment.  This is really dangerous, since I have to practice great restraint not to eat it all in a week.  So far, so good, I have not even had a taste (but notice how it is still on my mind….)!

So, yes, I am an ice cream expert.  I have tasted it everywhere I go, gelato included.  Recently I discovered a really cool gourmet ice cream truck in SoHo: Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream.  After a visit to the SoHo Apple store, I crossed the street and there was their lovely creamy-yellow-painted ice cream truck.  Not surprisingly, I could not resist – I had to try their wares.
I chose strawberry and it was fresh, creamy, and delicious – just as they say it is.  But something else was different.  Their disposable spoons, bowls, and napkins were intriguing in texture and weight.  When studying their website I learned they are made from renewable resources (sugar cane and corn husks).  The Van Leeuwen enviro-friendliness doesn’t stop there, after all, this is intellectual ice cream.  All of the ice cream is made of all natural products, the milk comes from cows who graze on the pastures of the Adirondack Mountains.  Distribution is only through the vintage ice cream trucks that dock in three locations in the city (see below).  The goods are available in pints and/or half gallon sizes, I believe.  Visit the website to learn more.
To find a Van Leeuwen truck, go to SoHo @ Greene & Prince daily between 1 – 8 PM, to University between 11th and 12th daily between 8 – 11 PM, or to the Upper West Side parking spot on Broadway between 74th and 76th daily between 1:30 – 11 PM.

Written by Sarah Froelich

August 23, 2008 at 1:54 pm